Not many people create a will, and even fewer keep it updated or plan their estate. These are concerns that are mostly left until it’s too late, which then creates all sorts of problems once you pass away, such as your will being contested, infighting between your loved ones, assets sold contrary to your wishes, taxes eating up all of the funds, and a host of other problems. If all you did was download a generic will kit and filled that out – even though it doesn’t take into account your specific circumstance – it would still be better than doing nothing at all, which is unfortunately what most people do.

At Chedid Storey Legal, we have regrettably seen, too many times, the issues that no will or an out of date will cause. We then are called in to get involved in contested wills and even litigation between family members. Though filling out a generic will kit is a good first step, we suggest going further and engaging a qualified and experienced wills and estate planning lawyer who can help ensure that your wishes are set out properly. This will mitigate the risk of future problems between family members and also ensure that your wishes are carried out.

We value the importance of maintaining family relationships and so we are committed to taking you through all the important steps in getting your affairs in order and giving practical legal solutions.

The cost to create a will is from $490 for a single person and from $800 for a couple. To create an Appointment of Enduring Guardian or Power of Attorney is $250 per person. Prices are excluding GST. Get in touch with our team for package options.


Creating a Will is important to protect your family and assets… And it doesn’t need to be a complex or time consuming task. We’ve simplified the process of making a Will into 3 quick, convenient steps.

1. Complete the online Wills form. If you can’t answer a question simply leave it blank.

2. Consult with one of our solicitors, ask questions and get advice.

3. Our solicitor will arrange for your Will to be validly signed and executed.

It’s that simple, let’s get started.


Making a Will

To take the hassle out of creating a valid legal Will, Chedid Storey Legal has simplified the process into three easy steps.

  1. Complete the online Wills form
  2. Consult with a Solicitor and get advice
  3. Validate the will

This process is quick, convenient, and most importantly, it allows you to get expert legal advice and ask questions about your individual circumstances in a reliable and cost effective manner.


Estate Planning & More

It is important to realise that your will is merely one part of a comprehensive, well-rounded estate plan. It tends to be the primary interest of people who initiate the estate planning process but it doesn’t end there. The other important matters that need consideration are:

  • Updating your will when your circumstances change,
  • Contesting a will,
  • Obtaining probate,
  • Estate Planning,
  • Appoint/Revoke a General or Enduring Power of Attorney,
  • Family Provision Act Claims,
  • Litigation

We aim to simplify the process of creating a will and estate planning so we are happy to offer the convenience of coming to your home, office, hospital or other suitable location to assist you.