Perhaps you own a business, or want to start a new business but you’re wary of signing a lease because times are uncertain. Maybe you’re a Landlord and have a well-known business wanting to lease a space from you and you need help negotiating against its army of in-house lawyers.

Whatever the case, if you are about to enter into a commercial or retail lease you will want an experienced lawyer to look over the lease so that it can be negotiated on your behalf and ensure that your interests are protected.

Many leases are one sided or full of legal jargon. To the untrained eye it is difficult to know whether a clause is a standard clause that should not cause alarm, or it’s a clause that shouldn’t be agreed to. Thankfully for you, we have come across hundreds of different leases and know straight away whether a lease is a standard lease or if it contains clauses that can be detrimental to you.

Our experience at Chedid Storey Legal provides us with unique insights into the Retail and Commercial Leasing space. We act for both landlords and tenants in a variety of capacities from major shopping centres to small businesses.

When you need a practical and experienced leasing lawyer, an expert at striking the right balance between promoting your business strategy, and proactively managing your risks, Chedid Storey Legal can assist you in any of the following:

  • Draft, review and advise on commercial and retail leases
  • Prepare Landlord Leases
  • Review Leases for Tenants
  • Subletting or Transferring a Lease
  • Variations to, surrender or assignments of leases
  • Licence agreements, including for car parks, storage, and telecommunications
  • Disputes with Leases

Our legal team have a wealth of experience working with complex commercial leasing arrangements and can help ensure your lease, whether as a tenant or Landlord, will contribute to the development and success of your business and suit your needs.

Contact our team to help with your commercial or retail leasing matter.

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