Practical tips on getting your affairs in order

Practical tips on how to get your affairs in order

It’s never a pleasant topic, thinking about making provisions for when you are unable to make decisions for yourself or planning for your loved ones’ future without you. However, as it becomes harder to stay on top of your bills, appointments, and obligations, it doesn’t make sense to ignore the task of getting your affairs in order.

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Why it’s vitally important every parent has a will

Parenthood is undoubtedly the most rewarding aspect of life for the vast majority of parents. Our whole life is spent guiding, caring for and nurturing our children, to ensure that they are well fed, well educated, and well taken care of emotionally. Unfortunately, we never know when we will no longer be there to care for our children. Moreover, all our efforts can be severely undermined if we don’t have provisions in place for them for after our unfortunate death. The only way to avoid this, is to have a legal Will in place. Read More

Announcing the acquisition of Mourice Wermut & Co.

Chedid Storey Legal, announces its acquisition of Mourice Wermut & Co. legal practice. As a result of this acquisition, Mourice Wermut & Co. will be amalgamated into the Chedid Storey Legal practice and will now be known as Chedid Storey Legal.

The purchase confirms the commitment of Chedid Storey Legal to achieve its vision to expand its practices both via practice acquisitions and through organic client growth. Read More