Acquiring or selling a property is for many people the largest – and most stressful – financial transaction that they will make in their lifetime. Unfortunately, issues inevitably arise in some transactions and having an experienced and capable property lawyer overseeing the matter is a huge relief and increases the chances of having a favourable resolution.

Whether you are the vendor selling your family home or an investment property, a first-home owner trying to break into the housing market, or a seasoned property professional in the course of your business, it is always preferable having a seasoned and experienced property lawyer looking over everything for you and protecting your interests.

At Chedid Storey Legal, we deal on a daily basis with many different property issues, whether it is settlement being delayed and the significant inconvenience and costs that subsequently arise, finance is not approved in time, problems arising between the date the contract exchanges and the settlement date, commercial and retail lease disputes, residential tenancy issues, contract negotiations, among many other problems. We have dealt with thousands of property transactions cases over our thirty years of operation, and our experienced lawyers have the knowledge and experience to handle any property transaction.

Many people decide to go to a conveyancer that only deals with conveyancing This is because conveyancers can be cheaper as their business model is based on volume, not margin and they don’t offer specialised advice. However, if the matter is complex or it will touch on other legal issues such as estate planning, commercial law, or litigation and disputes, then obtaining the services of a solicitor will be the more advisable route. Firstly, many solicitors who deal in property have fixed conveyancing fees so you can compare their costs to a conveyancer, which are often not much more for a solicitor than a conveyancer and sometimes can even be cheaper. More importantly, however, you will be able to receive informed advice on all your relevant matters, mitigate any risk or exposure to yourself, and be confident that if any problems were to arise, you wouldn’t have to scramble at the last minute looking for a solicitor to deal with it.

Whatever the situation may be, our team of property lawyers are very experienced and can assist you with:

  • Property contract review
  • Residential property sales and purchases
  • Auction contracts and off the plan purchases
  • Company, Community, and Strata Title
  • Subdivisions and developments
  • Commercial property sales and purchases
  • Commercial and retail leasing

We have a cross-section of clients right across Sydney including commercial and residential building owners, developers, real estate agencies, potential first home owners, who we work with at all stages of the transaction process.

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