Do you manage or operate your own business? Have you acquired a new business and need help with the merger? Are you looking for a legal partner who can protect your business from making costly mistakes and be there if things go wrong?

At Chedid Storey Legal we provide solutions and strategies that will not only protect your business but help it grow. Whether you are a sole trader, a partnership or listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, our knowledgeable commercial lawyers have a thorough understanding of how businesses function.

Our Corporate and Commercial teams offer advice and assistance in all aspects of corporate law and commercial law. We are able to help you with commercial transactions at every stage, from new business start-ups and setting up complex structures to raising capital to purchase another business or selling your business.

Our commercial and corporate services are always tailored to your specific business situation whenever we prepare or review the many types of legal contracts to ensure that the terms and conditions are suitable for your business.

Chedid Storey Legal can help in the following areas:

  • Starting up and structuring a business – including developing trust deeds, shareholder agreements, constitutions
  • Legal Services for running a business
  • Acquiring or selling either a property or a business
  • Intellectual Property, Trade Marks, Patents
  • Employment Law – including employee agreements, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements
  • Joint venture and partnership agreements
  • Corporate Litigation
  • Dispute resolution

We have a deep understanding of Australian business laws and have years of experience advising across many different industries. This intimate business knowledge sharpens our advice to ensure that it not only makes legal sense to help you avoid legal disputes and to protect your business, but it also makes business sense, from one business owner to another.

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